5 Reasons iPhones Are Steps Ahead of Androids


iPhones are one of the most in trend and are heavily paid device bought nowadays. The evolution of iPhones has always been leading and superior of all the phones in this world till now. The iPhone with strong hardware, apps, IOS (operating system) are all amazingly designed for smartphone users.   Most people are updated of when new iPhones are released, whether they are iPhone freaks or android freaks, almost everyone know it. But how many of you really take all the notes of android? There are uncountable androids which the diehards have not even heard of maybe. If you want some evidence to feed your unbelieving mind, take a look at these five fascinating iPhone experiences which your androids lack and you might even change your thoughts against iPhones.


5. The Apple pay- Best mobile payment service

The only company which has created the mobile payment digital wallet service platform. And this is even super easy to use. This helps to pay for the apps in stores. It lets you do payment at online checkouts or the retail. The Apple even has got its support from many important credit-card companies and banks. This payment service is accepted by many. A new experience with mobile payment service of iPhones 6 and 6 plus is now available. This payment service is nothing to be doubted or scared of as it holds the complete security. No information is going to be leaked to the retailer or anyone, so breathe peacefully. Which android or which other companies have it? This payment service beats all mobile companies in this case.


4. The App Store

The app store is a platform for iPhone apps which provides the iPhone users with different kinds of applications and experiences which are designed to do a specific task. Such as games, office suites, media player and many more.  They can be downloaded free or even by paying online.  Same thing goes for androids as well. But have you ever been to the thought of how awesome apps the iPhone has been providing firstly and genuinely which we, of course, can use it on android but have to wait months to be released and within the time it being released people with iPhones maybe will already be done with the app.  Keep yourself updated with all the brand new apps on iPhone and enjoy them as soon as they get released.


3. Apple store with its fine customer support

Where on android would you find someone to help you out? Having the problem with phones is just so very common, but there are some points in our lives when google is not even enough to help you out of the troubles.  So whom would you like to count on Android users? Where else there is iPhone ready to help you out anyway, whether it’s a problem you have got and want to sort out or maybe you want to know the way of using it. The Apple Store is right behind you to cover up and lead you to your desired path. Any fault you find in the iPhone just bother yourself going to the Apple Store immediately and give them your Apple ID and you won’t regret. As soon as they are assured of the fault, they are ready to hand you a brand new iPhone! Yes they replace it and that without any paperwork, explanation, or any charge. This is how great things work using an iPhone, and how can you not count the overwhelming courtesies? So, Apple has got a helping hand for all the users, where are yours Android users?


2. No Bloatware available

Bloatware is the software which is already licensed or installed on a smartphone or computer and has to be bought from an original equipment manufacturer.  Buying an iPhone from the Apple store or anywhere you can find is going to be the exact same thing you bought and desired. It has no change at all. Where else the android depends on the places from where you can fetch it, this is because manufacturers or the carrier has this habit of cramming the perfect Androids, its perfect operating system, with all those useless things which are really doing nothing but destroying its originality.  And all you get is unwanted smartphone experiences which no one wants after paying the whole lot of money on these software crammed smartphones. And undoubtedly iPhone would be the best if you want to avoid all this hustle.


1. Software is going to be always up to date

About every once a year, Google releases a new version of Android just as the Apple does it for iOS as well. But the issue stands right before you when the Android users ca­­­­­­n’t even get the software to the android makers or carriers might not support the newest software often, until the google itself releases it and that even after months of the iPhone software release. All this depending works which android does needs android users with their highest patience.

But in the case of iPhones iOS, it is always going to support all your software in all the iPhones available till now. The latest updates are always there to be yours. It sure is supportive in many ways.

The iPhones and androids both have advantages and disadvantages in some points. Both the smartphones have their unique qualities and are appreciated surely. But with all this proofs which are presented right in front of your eyes to be compared, this simply indicates the iPhone to be still leading its way ahead with further and further steps and winning till now with its outstanding performance.

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