Mind-blowing Rara attracts high number of tourists


Mind-blowing Rara attracts high number of tourists
Photo : Rara Take

Khalanga– A panoramic view of mind-blowing Mountains with green forests in the surrounds. A beautiful lake – Rara in the middle. Mugu-based Rara Lake which is situated in an altitude of 2,972 metres from sea level has become a hub for many tourists these days. Number of tourists coming here to enjoy the incredible beauty of the lake has abruptly gone up.

The lake is stretched over 10-km in length from Mugu headquarters, Gamgadi and three-kilometre in breadth with 167 metres depth. Number of people visiting the Rara Lake has swiftly increased especially following the celebration of Dashain. Locals said the vehicles of tourists visiting Rara in the particular season are seen high in number.

The mosaic Rara changes its colour three times a day. Sometimes it is seen with blue colour, sometimes brown, purple and crimson colours. It becomes splendid when the colorful Rara mixes with the shade of Sinje and Kanjirowa Mountains. With the mix-up the Rara seems like a nymph of heaven.

The scenic beauty at the moment captivates the attention of tourists. Dr Ashok Mahaseth who came visiting Rara for the first time experienced similar feeling. As many as 5,000 people had visited Rara and Sinja since Dashain celebrations, informed the police post Gothijewla.

Entrepreneurs also marked the increasing flow of tourists in the Sinja area, Nagma bazaar located along the border of Jumla and Kalikot and Rara Lake and Khalanga of Jumla in the season.

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